Dale Reeves
Whatever VO style you need - Dale Reeves will make sure you get the right read.

Dale can download WAV, AIF, or MP3 audio voicework directly to your studio computer via
E-Mail and FTP.

Curious? How can one Voice Actor do so much so well? It helps when you love what you do, and what you do is so much fun. Hear all of the announcer styles and tons of character voices right now when you check out the Audio Files.

In Phoenix AZ  Dale Reeves is the imaging voice of MoneyTalk Radio 1510 KFNN.
In Palm Springs, California Dale is the station voice of KPSF

You've heard Dale Reeves on tons of televison promos on networks like TV Land, Nick at Nite and the Cartoon Network.

Dale voiced the TV VO campaign for The Philadelphia Enquirer.
Does the voice sound familiar? Chances are you've already heard Dale Reeves on commercials and television promos on networks like TV Land, Nick at Nite and the Cartoon Network. His classic, warm announcer styles have been used for television and radio commercials worldwide. 

Dale Reeves (AKA "The Voiceman") has an extensive background in advertising voicework, Animation, Theater, Stand-Up Comedy, and Television and Radio broadcasting.

Dale's writing, producing and comedy performing skills have won ADDY and Broadcast awards and as well as a New England regional television EMMY nomination.

His Impressive variety of character voices, accents and impressions have been featured in Films and Animation.  Dale Reeves did the voice of Bill Clinton in the Beavis and Butthead movie and TV show.   On the MTV TV show he also did a variety of characters including the Newscaster, a Rush Dimbo type host, the dentist, owner of a nudist colony and many others. 

Dale Reeves has done "On Camera" spokesperson work on commercials for New York Magazine, Multiple regional Car Dealers, and appeared as host and did many characters On The Connecticut Public Television special and a year end comedy special done for WLS-TV in Chicago. His work on CPT as an actor and writer led to an Emmy Nomination in both categories.

Dale voiced the multiple spot TV VO campaign for The Philadelphia Enquirer and Philly.com. Dale has also done voice work for the Wall Street Journal Report, Saturday Night Live, the Doug cartoon Show,  Conan O'Brien and ABC Sports. He has also narrated technical, medical and instructional business videos for corporations like Parke Davis, Xerox and British Airways.

Dale can do whatever read you need - serious or funny - and deliver quality voice tracks from his studio.

The Early Years:
Dale began his Acting, Voiceover and Broadcast career in his hometown of Louisville, KY. Later he produced shows in Indianapolis, Miami, Cleveland, Detroit (where he did plays at the Attic Theater) and Chicago before moving to New York City where he did stand up, theater and voice work while serving as PD of WKTU.   

After New York, Dale helped create one of America's most successful radio comedy syndication services, the American Comedy Network. As Vice President, Dale wrote and performed comic characters heard on over 300 radio stations worldwide.  For  four years Dale also hosted multiple national shows on Sirius Satellite Radio.  

 Through his studio: -- REVOmedia Productions -- Dale works on a variety of creative projects.